11 Steps to having your car repaired with After Hours

1. Notify your insurance company of your loss.

2. An insurance appraiser will estimate the damage on your vehicle.

3. You will receive your insurance estimate and soon to follow will be your insurance check.

4. Select the repair shop of your choice.

5. AFTER HOURS will need a copy of your insurance estimate, then we will schedule you an appointment for
repairs. We can also set up a rental car for you. (Most repairs are scheduled for a Monday a.m. drop off.)

6. AFTER HOURS will order the necessary parts to repair your vehicle.

7. Drop your vehicle off at AFTER HOURS and pick up your rental car (if needed). All personal belongings should be removed from the vehicle prior to dropping it off for repairs.

8. After repairs have begun. AFTER HOURS will notify your insurance company if there are and additional damages found on your vehicle. (We will then order any additional parts if necessary).

9. Depending on your insurance company's policy, AFTER HOURS will then set up a "direction to pay" for any additional damages found. This will allow your insurance company to pay the shop directly.

10. AFTER HOURS will contact you with a scheduled time to pick up your vehicle.

11. PICKING UP YOUR VEHICLE: AFTER HOURS does NOT have a payment plan.
All repairs You may sign your insurance check over to AFTER HOURS if it is payable to you,
the insured only.
If the insurance check is made payable to you, the insured, and the bank (that you have your loan with). STOP! ask us for the appropriate paper work for the bank. The bank will also need to sign off on the insurance check.
AFTER HOURS welcomes other forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. We also accept personal checks which are withdrawn electronically.
Deductible and betterment charges must be paid to AFTER HOURS at the time of delivery.

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